Eliminate Raptor, Zenith or Black Heart

Eliminate Raptor, Zenith or Black Heart
Eliminate Raptor, Zenith or Black Heart

How to eliminate Raptor, Zenith or Black Heart?

A word of advice: think about ammunition, don’t be like me.

This challenge is one of the stages of Easter quests for week 3 Fortnite Season 6 challenges. To complete this quest, you must fight and eliminate one of those NPCs who are rather tough, with a lot of health, a little shield, and dangerous weapons.

If you don’t know what these characters look like, here’s a quick reminder:

Rapace sits easily, next to the crashed vessel on the small grassy promontory east of Coral Castle. If you get close, watch out for the grenades he throws. Black Heart simply waiting for you on the Viking ship that is located west of Holly Hedges. Finally, Zenith can be found quite easily at southern snow capped mountains near Catty Corner. Use this map to find them:

Once done, you collect the 24,000 XP of the challenge. Take the opportunity to go see the others challenges of this week and in particular the quest for Easter eggs which can be found very easily near Rapace.

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