Paris region: She was saving to have her ex liquidated by a contract killer

Paris region: She was saving to have her ex liquidated by a contract killer
Paris region: She was saving to have her ex liquidated by a contract killer

Posted7 avril 2021, 22:11

A 34-year-old woman appeared before the Seine-Saint-Denis Assize Court on Wednesday for having ordered the assassination of her former companion.

The Assize Court of Seine-Saint-Denis, in the Paris region, is responsible for determining how an uneventful 34-year-old woman came to order the assassination of her ex-companion.


By collecting Christmas or birthday money and selling her car, Amandine S. had set aside 5,000 euros. Officially, to redo his bathroom. In practice, to have his ex-spouse eliminated. A failed assassination which earned him to appear at the assizes.

For four hours Wednesday morning, the Assize Court of Seine-Saint-Denis tried to understand the reasons for the radicalism of the gesture of this woman of 34 years previously without history, who tried to have her ex-companion liquidated by a contract killer in Bondy forest in August 2017. A nocturnal trap from which Jimmy C. escaped alive but paraplegic.

In the glass box of the detainees, Amandine for her testimony abandoned the white sweater of the previous days of hearing and opted for a dark black outfit. In a shy voice, she describes a toxic relationship with Jimmy, from whom she has been separated since 2014 and the birth of their son.

“I was dying”

“I lived in fear”. “I was terrified.” “I was dying”. “He threatened me”. Sobs intersect Amandine’s assertions, who accuses Jimmy of verbal or even physical violence. The only solution in his eyes? “Take his life away from him.”

Amandine’s defense and tears seem to leave the court unmoved, which notes its “ambivalence”, highlighted by the debates. She pointed out to him in particular that the facts alleged against her ex-companion were all old at the time of the attempted elimination and that the accused had hardly resorted to legal means.

“You say he harassed you, that he prevented you from living. But during this period when you are separated from MC, you have several romantic relationships, you have a woman’s life! ” the president is surprised.

The price of a lifetime: 10,000 euros

At a barbecue party at Amandine’s brother’s house in July 2017, a friend put her in contact, via Snapchat, with an intermediary able to provide her with an enforcer of bad works.

For weeks, the young woman has been saving for this purpose: “Obviously, it would not be free. So there you have it, I was saving money. ” She sold her car shortly before, via her father, supposedly to “redo the bathroom”. The buyer had to pay for the transaction in cash.

The intermediary, also present on the dock, initially asks him between 12,000 and 15,000 euros. But after the start of a romantic relationship with Amandine, he finally gives up his commission and lowers the bill to 10,000 euros.

“Did you tell him it was too expensive?” asks the president. “I said it was expensive. Afterwards, I didn’t negotiate, ”says Amandine. But this small woman with thick brown hair has only 5,000 euros in her piggy bank. Enough to pay the requested deposit, not enough for the balance. “I didn’t have the 10,000 euros,” she admits today.

His 3-year-old son as an alibi

On the evening of August 26, 2017, according to a scenario defined in advance, Amandine therefore lures Jimmy into a dark alley in the Bondy forest, during a walk with their three-year-old son.

Why take the child in his stroller in the middle of a murder? The intermediary “told me that it was the best scenario so as not to be accused”, explains Amandine. Who collapses again: “I do not know how I did to agree to take her that evening …”

But the shooter botches the job. Instead of the three agreed-upon bullets – “one in the trachea, two in the flank” – he shoots only one in the chest, and flees by bike. Jimmy will survive.

Paraplegic victim

His wheelchair turned in front of the accused, who testified on the other side of the room, the interested party listens to the interrogation without visible emotion. From time to time, he massages his legs which no longer work.

Amandine was to tell investigators that he was the victim of a settling of accounts linked to drug trafficking and that the shooter was “of the Maghreb type”. However, after several interrogations in custody, she cracks and admits to having organized the whole affair.

Code name: “work in the bathroom”

In this trial which is to last until April 16 in Bobigny, seven other people appear alongside him, including members of his family. In this close circle, the coded expression of “bathroom work” was used to evoke the criminal project.

“I really had work done in my bathroom but after that it became a code,” Amandine nevertheless wishes to clarify. “I had a leak in my shower, I wanted to bring a worker to the black.”


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