health actors faced with mistrust of vaccination

The representative of the World Health Organization in Guinea Alfred Ki-Zerbo is not satisfied with this situation, as he explains to our correspondent in Conakry, Mouctar Bah.

The essential point of this response is to ensure acceptance and accessibility to communities, in order to put in place all interventions to prevent, to interrupt the spread of the virus and also to avoid risks, in particular cross-border, that were identified at the start of this response. What has happened is that there has been a new chain of transmission, which is being investigated. And as I say, the teams of WHO and other partners, who are in the process of carrying out this investigation, are in talks, so that all the accesses are provided, in order to follow the various possible chains of transmission. Pockets of reluctance may exist and this is not uncommon in the response to epidemics. I think that we must take note of the pockets of resistance – that exists in all health interventions – analyze them, so as to have this partnership, this collaboration with the community, without which, nothing can be done in the end.

Professor Alfred Ki-Zerbo, representative of the World Health Organization in Guinea

Moktar Bah |


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