Ramadan: Facebook apps celebrate #MonthofGood

The international Facebook community comes together through its apps to celebrate the holy month by exploring, inspiring and expressing benevolence. Indeed, this Ramadan, Facebook Inc. has decided to mark the holy month with a global campaign that aims to explore, inspire and express good through its family of applications, through the #MonthofGood campaign.

This campaign – which brings together Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, in a celebration of solidarity, collaboration and community – will run throughout the holy month in the Middle East and North Africa region ( MENA), specifies a press release from the social network.

Despite the obstacles that prevent meeting in person, Ramadan remains a time of generosity, solidarity and reflection. Globally, in 2020, individuals raised twice as much as in 2019 thanks to Ramadan-related fundraisers on Facebook and Instagram. Users sent more than 20 million “Happy Ramadan” messages to Facebook, and WhatsApp video calls peaked on the first day of Eid.

In the MENA region and Turkey, more than 6.5 million people have joined Ramadan-related groups established in 2020, demonstrating the role that local communities, including groups, pages and NGOs on Facebook play in these regions to bring people together and encourage acts of benevolence as well as solidarity, fundraising and donations.

The #MonthofGood campaign, now in its third year, was originally developed by Instagram to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan. In 2020, she helped fasting Muslims in isolation to come together virtually and forge new traditions.

This year, with the social distancing rules, she will continue to help the world’s 2 billion Muslims honor the traditions of the month of Ramadan in a new way – by exchanging celebratory moments online – across the four platforms of Facebook.

Explore, inspire and express good …

This year, #MonthofGood will help people discover ways to be kind and serve their community through a series of tools:

• Ideas of Good – a list of 30 acts of kindness and moments of charity that anyone, anywhere, can act on virtually, available on all platforms.

• Facebook also allows those looking to make solidarity donations during the month to spotlight zakat-eligible nonprofits that run active fundraisers during Ramadan as well as campaigns to provide baskets. food, supplies and medical assistance to orphans, widows and refugees around the world.

• Users can also access the “Ramadan Guide” created by an Egyptian from Canada very popular on social networks.

Facebook will also make the voices heard for those who make an impact and those who aspire to have one.

● This is in particular an anticipatory global solidarity chain which will be initiated in the Middle East, using the hashtag #MonthofGood.

● In a month-long editorial partnership, Facebook is teaming up with the popular Jordan-based Arabic podcast network Sowt to spotlight inspiring community leaders from the MENA diaspora who will talk about how they use Facebook apps for virtual acts of benevolence during Ramadan.

● Facebook will also be rolling out Weekly Viewers Guides across the region. These viewer guides will bring new shows, clips and series to the platform under the hashtag #MonthofGood, and will be posted weekly on Facebook Arabia.

● People will also be able to tune in to Live Suhoor Talks, a global series hosted by Muslim creators from the UK, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, which features weekly conversations on topics ranging from from diet and fasting, to mental health and well-being.

● Additionally, designers from all over the world, including the MENA region, will be sharing moments from their Ramadan celebrations on @Instagram, @Design, @Creators and @Shop.

Finally, throughout its family of applications, Facebook has implemented new features that allow people to share their good deeds and connect with their friends and family.

● A suite of expression tools has been developed for the community to share their charitable acts and connect with friends and family during this holy month. This includes new stickers on Instagram by @HalaAlAbbasi and on Whatsapp illustrated by Murat Kalkavan, as well as new avatars, camera effects and stickers on Facebook, Messenger and Messenger Kids.

Empower SMEs in the MENA region

In the MENA region, Facebook and Instagram will highlight local small businesses that have inspired charity this Ramadan. These are companies that have gone above and beyond to help the people around them and their communities, with their acts of solidarity and kindness. With the bulk of shopping expected to take place online during Ramadan, Facebook will help marketers prepare by unveiling a SME Toolkit, which will be a quick guide for businesses to get the most out of. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp during the month.

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