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The Norwegian maritime authorities took in tow on the night of Wednesday to Thursday a Dutch cargo ship in distress since the beginning of the week in the Norwegian Sea. They thus avoided the risks of a grounding on the coast.

The “Eemslift Hendrika” had launched a distress call late Monday morning while carrying several smaller boats between Bremerhaven (Germany) and Kolvereid (Norway), a storm having displaced part of its cargo – boats intended to aquaculture, according to Norwegian media – and caused a significant list.

Then the victim of an engine damage, it had been evacuated in spectacular circumstances by its 12 crew members, four of whom had to throw themselves into the water in rough seas.

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A ghost ship drifts off the coast of Norway / Video news / 1 min. / yesterday at 11:41

Risk of grounding ruled out

Due to difficult weather, towing operations had been postponed to Thursday, but the sinking cargo ship deviated from its path and approached the coast on Wednesday evening, triggering its takeover by the concerned maritime authorities. a possible oil spill on the coast.

“The tow cables now connect the ailing boat and the tugs,” the Norwegian Coastal Administration (Kystverket) said on its website late Wednesday. “The risk of stranding is eliminated”.

On Thursday morning, the “Eemslift Hendrika” was towed at a speed of 3 knots towards the port of Ålesund (western Norway), Kystverket indicating that “no particular problems” had been encountered during the night.

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