the video which shows the difficulty of these migrant children

A friend of the Texas border guard who experienced the scene posted it on Facebook: “A friend from the border patrol had returned home when he found this child east of Rio Grande City, in an area infested with rattlesnakes. The child woke up alone after being left behind by the group (there were 184 of them) he had traveled with“.

The child is 10 years old, and is from Nicaragua. His parents were not with him. “I don’t know where they are, he explains to the guard. They abandoned me, I don’t know where to go“.

The child was reportedly entrusted to a work of Donna, who contacted the family.

France Télévisions chose to translate and broadcast it after it was

, to raise awareness of the plight of migrant minors in the United States.

Joe Biden criticized

No less than 19,000 minors are now in centers in the United States, welcomed while waiting to be reunited with their families on American soil or in their country of origin.

In February, nearly 100,000 migrants tried to reach the United States. Two months after taking office, President Biden finds himself in a crossfire. The Republican opposition accuses him of having caused an influx of migrants by not closing the border. Progressive Democrats, meanwhile, blame it for not accepting more migrants.

The Biden administration has said most of the migrants will be deported shortly. But special attention is given to minors as stated by White House spokeswoman Jens Psaki: “We will not send any children under the age of 18 back on this perilous journey. […] This does not mean that they will be able to stay in the United States. Their case is going to be investigated and we want to treat them humanely and make sure they are safe while they wait.“.

They know we’re gonna set them free testifies Oscar Escamilla, officer of the border police (US Border Patrol) in the valley of Rio Grande. They know that for the moment, nothing is stopping them. We are not going to deport them to their country. So they keep coming in droves. And right now, we’re starting to see younger and younger children being brought in by their caregivers, by parents, by grandparents, whoever in the family will ask for these children and therefore pay the fees to do so. smuggle these children into the country“.


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