Monitor lizard wreaks havoc on store in Thailand

A monitor had the funny idea of ​​going for a walk in a Seven-eleven in Thailand, which caused panic in the store.

A video shows a monitor lizard, about six feet long, climbing up a high shelf of produce in a corner of the store, apparently unmoved by panicked shoppers or merchandise falling around it.

The giant lizard reaches the top, then seems to stop to take advantage of the warmth of the neon lights above it.

The video was recorded by a client in Nakhon Pathom (west of Bangkok), Thailand.

Witnesses told the Daily Mail newspaper that the incident happened on Tuesday April 6.

No one was injured and the monitor lizard did not take food, they said.

The client who filmed the scene said:

“I stopped by the store to shop, then saw a huge monitor lizard inside.

They’re dangerous animals, especially when they’re angry, so I stood back and filmed the scene on my phone. ”

The client then paused to take a selfie with the creature in the background.

Selfie with the monitor lizard

The exact species of monitor lizard is unknown, but Malay monitor lizards are known to be very common in Thailand.

Some say that monitor lizards are a sign of good luck, but the Thai word for them, hia, is also one of the worst insults in Thai.

Never treat someone hia in Thailand as this can lead to a fight see more …

Monitor lizards are among the largest lizards in the world and can weigh over 45 kg.

They usually eat the ham and cheese croissant that you find in Seven Elevens, no, I’m kidding, little animals and carrion.

If a surprised monitor lizard is unable to escape, it defends itself fiercely with pitting, clawing, and tailing.

Its bite is dangerous, because its mouth is a real breeding ground full of bacteria and putrid germs.

A remake of Godzilla vs. Kong

The video was very successful on social media.

Many have compared the outburst of the monitor lizard to the antics of the lizard in Godzilla vs. Kong, the recently released Warner Bros. monster movie.

“The new Godzilla movie sucks,” one user wrote.

“I thought there was a fight with a monkey?”

“I believe I have a pirate copy of Godzilla vs. Kong,” another tweeted.

Others did not hesitate to make jokes about the big lizard and its escapades on the shelves.

“He monitors inventory,” one user joked.

A vendor reported the animal to the police, and caregivers showed up to catch and release it back into the wild.

Video: Huge monitor lizard destroys supermarket shelves

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