Sex scandal or attempted extortion? Republican Matt Gaetz in turmoil

Sex scandal or attempted extortion? Republican Matt Gaetz in turmoil
Sex scandal or attempted extortion? Republican Matt Gaetz in turmoil

Florida Republican elected Matt Gaetz accuses a Justice Department employee of trying to extort $ 25 million. He is suspected of having made one of his companions, a minor, travel with him.

An elected official in turmoil. On Tuesday, The New York Times revealed that an investigation launched in the fall by the Justice Department is attempting to determine whether Matt Gaetz, elected Republican of Florida in the House of Representatives, broke sex trafficking laws. . He is suspected of having paid for the plane trip of a young woman with whom he had a relationship. The facts date back to two years ago and the young woman in question was then 17 years old – the act of bringing a person across state borders to have sex with them in exchange for money or good is wrong. These suspicions are a direct consequence, specifies the New York daily, of an investigation opened against Joel Greenberg, controversial elected official of Florida in particular indicted for child sex trafficking last summer, and of which Matt Gaetz was a close. Matt Gaetz assures to have no precise idea of ​​the lawsuits which he incurs: “I just know that it is related to the women. I think someone is trying to pass off my generosity to my ex-girlfriends as something untoward. ”

Like Donald Trump, of whom he is a staunch defender, he attacked the Justice Department, accusing a former employee of trying to extort $ 25 million from him to close the investigations. He assures us that he and his father Don spoke to the FBI and that his father “carried a microphone” to record the statements of David McGee, now a lawyer in a firm. “There was a request for money in exchange for a commitment that this investigation would be closed,” he told Fox News, adding that the man had “claimed to have special connections to the within Biden’s White House ”and that he could obtain“ the promise of a pardon from Joe Biden ”.

“If there is a recording, let them play it”

An accusation that David McGee denied: “This is completely false. It is a shameless attempt to distract from the fact that he is under investigation for child sex trafficking. I have no connection with this affair apart from having heard the rumors, like a thousand people, ”he replied to the“ Washington Post ”. He said he was not afraid of any recording of his conversation with Don Gaetz, whom he said he contacted: “If there is a recording, let them broadcast it. There is nothing inappropriate. It’s a conversation with a father worried about his son and his troubles. ”

No prosecution has yet been launched, whether against Matt Gaetz or the lawyer he accuses of blackmail. But according to Axios, the elected would consider resigning from his mandate to embark on a career on television, within the very conservative Newsmax channel, increasingly popular with Trumpists who always blame Fox News for having announced first Joe Biden’s victory in Arizona. However, Newsmax itself incurs a libel claim by the Dominion company, which accuses it of knowingly spreading false information and relaying accusations without evidence of electoral fraud during the election last November. Dominion has already filed a lawsuit against Fox News and claimed $ 1.6 billion in damages.

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