Anti-gang operation in Haiti | The Prime Minister recognizes “strategic errors”

Anti-gang operation in Haiti | The Prime Minister recognizes “strategic errors”
Anti-gang operation in Haiti | The Prime Minister recognizes “strategic errors”

(Port-au-Prince) Haitian Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe admitted Wednesday that “strategic errors” had been made during an anti-gang operation on March 12, during which four police officers died.

Posted on March 31, 2021 at 4:18 p.m.

France Media Agency

“I realized that there had been strategic errors”, declared the senior official during a press conference, after reading a preliminary report transmitted by the direction of the national police force of Haiti (PNH ).

On March 12, the PNH launched an operation in a district of the capital known to be used by a gang as a place of kidnapping for ransom.

Four policemen were killed in this poor neighborhood called Village de Dieu. Gang members also seized law enforcement equipment.

“Orders that should have been given were not given in time, which led to the police entering an alcove too early,” said the head of government.

“While there was an armored vehicle inside, another should have remained outside”, stressed Mr. Jouthe, also indicating that “the drone coverage of the area should have transmitted to the command all the information. on the ground “.

While an armored vehicle has since been recovered by the police, the bodies of the killed and mutilated officers have not been.

The Prime Minister called for a full investigation to determine responsibility.

“Some did not respect the instructions given to them and withheld information by not providing all the information on time,” lamented Joseph Jouthe, without further details.

This fiasco-like anti-gang operation, which did not lead to any arrest or seizure of weapons, has aroused the anger of the police and of a population, a large part of which is already very critical of the power in place.

“The death of police officers must not be used for any political cause,” the Prime Minister warned on Wednesday.

Some police officers and former members of the PNH, united in an insurrectionary group called Fantom 509, have organized several violent demonstrations in the capital since mid-March.

A police officer mobilized to prevent such abuses was killed on March 22 by colleagues affiliated with Fantom 509, according to the first elements of the investigation of the local UN mission.

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