How Vladimir Putin made gas a weapon of power and diplomacy

INVESTIGATION – The exports of energy resources and the Nord Stream project are a way for the Kremlin to exert its influence in Europe and to influence the transatlantic relationship.

Europe expected to spend four years with a “Sleepy Joe” and ultimately ended up with a sharp, self-confident and domineering US president who would instead deserve the nickname “Sniper Joe”. It is Germany, yet the most allergic to Donald Trump, which seems the most destabilized by Joe Biden’s first international policy decisions.

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It was a real ultimatum that was issued last month by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to the “entities“Committed to the Nord Stream 2 project which, if they do not withdraw”at onceOf the Russian gas pipeline, will be subject to sanctions. The American Secretary of State has personally reiterated to the head of German diplomacy, Heiko Maas, the American opposition to this project of doubling Russian gas exports via Germany, so that the subject does not suffer any “ambiguity“. He denounces “a Russian geopolitical project aimed at dividing Europe and weakening European energy security».

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