National Center of the Territorial Public Service: Faced with the controversy, Mehdi Boukerrou gives up the post of director of the CNFPT

Mehdi Boukerrou, recently appointed director of the La Runion delegation of the National Center for Territorial Public Service (CNFPT), finally resigned his post. His appointment caused an uproar from the Lus Reunion residents, who call rather a “local recruitment”. Faced with the controversy, Mehdia Boukerrou contacted the president of the CNFPT to announce the withdrawal of her candidacy. (Photo: Linkedin screenshot)

It was through this letter that Mehdi Boukerrou transmitted his decision to refuse the post of director of the CNFPT to the presidency of the center: “I decided after careful consideration not to follow up on your recruitment proposal for the post of regional director of the CNFPT delegation, which constitutes for me a significant renunciation of a position which corresponds to my values ​​and my convictions, those of contributing to offer everyone, through the acquisition of skills, opportunities for professional success for the benefit of the general interest ” . The administrator has been working on the DIECCTE of La Runion for two years, he says.

“I am well aware that the stakes of contestation on this nomination go beyond my simple person, but it is not possible for me to admit that my family and I are the object of a slanderous campaign, although my recruitment was based on a precise analysis of my statutory aptitudes and my professional experience “he adds. “It is really difficult for me to see myself at the heart of a controversy surrounding hiring discrimination, even though I have been working on this subject for many, many years. In these damaging circumstances for me and my family, I considers that the conditions are not met to take this post in all safety. I regret it. In responsibility and as a sign of appeasement, I take this decision to withdraw while thanking you for the support and the confidence you have placed in me agreements. ”

The president of the CNFPT transmits this letter and indicates that he “regrets his withdrawal”. “I thought that working and living in an area where the people of Reunion embody the richness of diversity so well, being involved professionally and in the family, could make it possible to prevail as legitimate in a position of responsibility, since the principle of equality of treatment of the candidates was strictly respected “writes the President Franois Deluga which evokes a” nauseating campaign, personally targeting the prospective candidate, and peddling false information, resounding on his family “. Thus he adds: “I believe that limits have been crossed, limits which are the basis of our Republic, and which go against my commitment to the CNFPT. I therefore take note of the decision to withdraw from Mr. Mehdi BOUKERROU and wish him, despite the complicated context of the moment, full success in the pursuit of his career in La Runion, where he resides and carries out successfully the functions of deputy director, secretary general of the DIECCTE “.

A new recruitment procedure will be launched in the coming weeks to provide for the replacement of the current director, who is retiring.

– Numerous reactions after his appointment –

The appointment of Mehdi Boukerrou to the post of director of the Reunionese delegation of the CNFPT provoked an outcry among the islanders. On March 29, the mayor of Saint-Denis Ericka Bareigts took the decision to resign from her functions at the Regional Orientation Council of La Runion (CNFPT) where she had just been read: “this appointment (by Mehdia Boukerrou, editor’s note) ) goes against the fight that I have been leading for years to promote, skills required, the course of competent Runionnais “.

The president of the Regional Council Didier Robert also opposed this appointment, as did the president of the Departmental Council Cyrille Melchior: “without prejudging the skills of Mr. Boukerrou, I can only regret this decision taken when many of the people of Runionnais were alive. in our territory have all the skills to lead this organization “. Serge Hoareau, president of the association of mayors (AMDR), said he was surprised “to see that an organization supposed to manage the training of the 42,000 agents of the Territorial Public Service of La Runion does not promote a territorial framework formed in its breast, with a good knowledge of local communities “.

The deputy Jean-Hugues Ratenon for his part had asked Mehdia Boukerrou “to reverse out of respect for the people of Reunion and those who invest themselves in acquiring skills”. The deputy Jean-Luc Poudroux as for him wished to denounce “in a very firm way such recruitment methods which are from another time”. The mayor of Saint-Paul Huguette Bello described this recruitment as “a Parisian choice made without consultation with the people of Reunion”. The mayor of Saint-Joseph Patrick Lebreton had called “to reconsider this decision”.

CREFOM, under the signature of the regional delegate Richel Sacri, called for a boycott of this body “because it is feared that the new local management will find favorable ground for the expansion of hexagonal executives within the territorial collectivities hitherto preserved”. Gilles Leperlier, president of the Nou l kapab association, considered that it was “the responsibility of Mr. Boukerrou to reconsider this appointment and to resume his post within the DIECTTE Reunion, where his recruitment may already give rise to questions “.

Other political figures on the island, such as the ecologist Emmanuel Doulouma, have denounced “the surge of a wave of local protests” and the highlighting of the concept of “regional preference”: “on the form of this raising of shields leaves me very perplexed in particular on its purely electoral and populist aims whereas the “regional preference” is contrary to the fundamental principles of the constitution “. / [email protected]

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