Three-year-old found in forest after three days

Three-year-old found in forest after three days
Three-year-old found in forest after three days

The parents had lost track of him while walking in a forest in Ontario, Canada. After three days of searching, the emergency services found the child safe and sound.

The more time passed, the more the chances of finding the little boy decreased, especially since the temperatures were negative at night. But the miracle happened on Wednesday March 31 at 3:30 p.m. when the emergency services spotted the child “sleeping near a beaver pond about a kilometer from where he was last seen” according to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP).

Dressed for the winter, the child is not only alive but also “in good health, it is simply incredible”, ecstasies Bill Dickson, the spokesperson of the OPP, moved to tears in front of the cameras of the chain CP24.

Massive research

Police conducted a massive ground search to locate the boy, along with helicopters, drones, police dogs and a scuba diving team. Police had to refuse help from civilians, Mr Dickson said, as untrained volunteers could have hampered the search.

How did this little child survive, how did he eat, how did he drink or warm up? Did he meet any wild animals? So many questions that still remain unanswered. Answers that the public expects to know even if it is not obvious that the little boy, certainly shocked, expresses himself clearly on his adventure.

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